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Guild of Assassins
Merchants are a varied lot, as we can be of any race. Our backgrounds range from the rich drow who was raised to be an assassin, to the poor farm raised boy who left his home running from the law. We all end up here. We all have a common goal, power and money. Most, if not all, revile the Mother Raven, Ahandora, Goddess of blood, the quick kill, and loyalty.


  • Must adhere to the Code of Shadows as seen on the Website
  • Must give total devotion to the Guild over ALL other things
  • There is >NO< dual classing out of our Guild!

Guild of Druids
One thing the fun-loving Druids are serious about is their devout worship of Gaea. Druids worship Her by serving nature and seeking to maintain its balance. Drawing from the powers of nature, Druids are well-rounded - a balance of a spellcaster and a fighter, however, not quite as specialized in either realm as Fighters or Mages.


  • follow the path of Neutrality
  • be a devout worshiper of Gaea
  • be either a Half-Elf or a Human

Guild of Fighters
The Fighters are the most elite warriors in the realm. They are masters of all types of weapons, and are able to use whatever tools and techniques neccessary to get the job done. Their extreme training allows them to absorb more damage than any other profession, easily shrugging off blows that would crumple lesser individuals. Strong and daring, Fighters will always be found on the front line of a battle.


  • Fighters may be of any race and ethos
  • Fighters must strive always to improve their combat abilities
  • Fighters must be able to work with others as part of a team

Guild of Mages
A Mage is composed of many elements - eagerness to learn, willingness to seek knowledge, and the exploration of the arcane arts to name a few. In order to be succesful in this undertaking, a person must be of high intelligence and wise beyond his years. One of this calling, must rely on the others within the guild no matter what paths they may walk. As long as one is seeking the path of arcane magics and wishes to openly give and obtain wisdom of the realm, the art, and the usage of spells and their powers, the Magi are willing to accept you on your new learning venture and help you traverse into the depths of the arcane magics and the art of performing them.


  • Willing to abide by the rules of the Magi
  • Accept people of differing paths as brothers and sisters
  • Ready and willing to learn the ways of the Arcane

Guild of Dark Paladins
Dark Paladins are about keeping evil in place over light. We are unholy worshippers of the Dark Lord Belial. You will be expected to be at your fellow knights hand when needed to be. You will be expected to follow and show your respect for elder knights above you in rank. If you need help there will always be a Knight to help you. You will need to show disrespect and evilness to all Light Paladins.


  • Be of the Human race
  • Worship Belial
  • Most of all, be evil

Guild of Grey Paladins
A Grey Paladin are a rare and unique paladin. We are a small guild, but important. We are around to keep balance within the realm, and to be defenders of balance and harmony protecting the existance of both, good and evil. Grey Paladins are given fighting abilities, and also a few spells to help us keep balance. To be a Grey Paladin is hard work, and takes alot of following, and leadership.


  • Follow the path of Neutrality
  • Be a devout worshiper of Tygona
  • Be either a Half - Elf or a Human
  • Be ready to take charge, and leadership

Guild of Light Paladins
To serve the Light is a holy calling. The Guild of Light Paladins is dedicated to the service of Lutyre. We are the servants of the realm and the defenders of all that is good. Those that can fulfill this calling with honor are few and the challenge is great but the Blessings of Lutyre are greater. Seek you heart and see if Lutyre is calling you today!


  • First and foremost, you must walk in the Light
  • Second, you must worship the great god Lutyre
  • Third, you must of the human race

Guild of Priests
Priests are the backbone of the realm, though not many would agree. Priests are granted certain powers by the deity they worship and represent - they are the holiest of the holy. Many priests of different paths walk the realm, and because of this, priests cannot afford to be judgemental of the paths their brothers and/or sisters might follow.


  • Have an open mind
  • Worship a deity
  • Be very devoted

Guild of Rangers
Rangers are the primary defenders of Nature and of their Goddess, Gaea. They are devout warriors who strive to protect the balance and sanctity found in nature. They are primary agile warriors, excelling in abilities required to swiftly bring down their foes. What they may lack in raw physical strength, they make up for with their sheer quickness in battle.


  • Follow the path of light
  • Be a worshiper of Gaea
  • Must be a human, a half-elf, or an elf

Guild of Rogues
Rogues are not among the wisest, strongest, or most popular of any of the guilds. Rogues are not Fighters or Casters. Rogues are thieves, liars, cons, looters, and anything that involves the taking of others items and/or gold. We hide in the Shadows, find our target, and take everything we can from them. We pick locks on doors to make getting to treasure easier. The life of a Rogue is not a hard one, or one to explain. We are leeches upon the land that suck the Gold out of the land and use it to our benefit. We don't take the hard way by killing and looting. We let someone kill and then we take from him.


  • Need and Love for Money and Riches.
  • Trust no one other than fellow Guildmates
  • Do not get caught

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